Shyam's ToolBox for PowerPoint

Shyam's ToolBox for PowerPoint 1.0

Sometimes, you may wish - If only PowerPoint could do this!...

Sometimes, you may wish - If only PowerPoint could do this! Well, your wish may have already come true in this collection of often wished were present in PowerPoint but never found - Shyam`s ToolBox.

Easy manipulation of the Media/Image/OLE/File links in the presentation, very useful while creating relative links for a Autorun CD or distribution.

Create custom shows faster/export them in separate presentations, as slides, as images, or as slide images into another presentation. Extract embedded images from a presentation.

Insert Flash movies into PowerPoint easily. Export a presentation as individual slides, images, or as slide images into another presentation. Reapply notes layout across the entire presentation with a single click.

Convert OLE/Linked OLE shapes into a Group shape or picture to optimize file size. Extract text in the presentation. Extract sound files (*. wav) from a presentation into a designated folder.

Customizable quick access toolbar interface. Newbie/advanced programmers can quickly generate code for creating menus using the Menu Editor Gather all information about various menus available using the Menu Browser.

Set/Edit/Delete Tags. Rename/Hide Shapes on a slide. Get shape information. Arrange/Stack/Size/Group across the presentation with just a few clicks.

Insert multiple slides of desired layout, reverse/randomize the slide order. Erase all document properties (meta data) Change case, Small caps, format chemical equations.

Create Agenda slides with hyperlinks, of custom shows, title slides etc. Appropriate prompt and warnings inbuilt into the interface. Insertion of page count/path information/preview thumbnails Create thumbnails of Slides in desired layout, as opposed to constrained Handouts available in PowerPoint.

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Shyam's ToolBox for PowerPoint


Shyam's ToolBox for PowerPoint 1.0

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